On 9th October in Carrubbers Christian Mission, a few yards from John Knox House in Edinburgh’s High Street, the Scottish Reformation Society held its 2010 Annual General Meeting and Conference.

The chairman, Rev Dr J Millar, welcomed the members and after introductory remarks invited the new Secretary, the Rev Douglas Somerset, to present the Annual Report. There were changes during the past year, with three new members being added to the committee. New appointments, in addition to the Secretary, were the Rev Andrew Coghill as Treasurer and the Rev John J Murray as Organisation Secretary. The Accounts for 2009 showed a substantial deficit over the year, but this problem is being addressed. The Society’s magazine The Bulwark is to appear in a new format in October and the first issue of anHistorical Journal is due to appear in December this year.

The AGM was followed by a special Conference to commemorate the 450thanniversary of the Scottish Reformation. The Rev Dr Wayne Pearce, APC Lairg and Rogart, dealt with the subject ‘Why Scotland Needed Reformation’. He outlined the steps in the deformation of the Church prior to 1560. The Roman Catholic Church departed from the NT teaching on the authority and sufficiency of Scripture. It added to the Bible and so corrupted the pure Gospel. It was the printing of the Bible in English which exposed the errors of the Latin Vulgate and Roman dogma and brought about a return to NT doctrine and practice.

David Silversides of the RP Church in Loughbrickland had as his topic ‘A Biblical Blueprint for Church and Nation’. He showed how the new light and life of the Scottish Reformation was expressed first in the Scots Confession and then in the First Book of Discipline drawn up by John Knox and his companions. The ruling authorities of the time were asking the Reformers for direction how to establish the true religion in the land. Christ had to be acknowledged as King over all. This presented a challenge for us today.

by Rev John J Murray