A new book on the Pope’s visit to the UK called “Pope Benedict XVI and the United Kingdom” has been published by Free Presbyterian Publications.

“For well over a thousand years there has been a succession of men claiming an astonishing position for themselves, both in religion and in the affairs of nations. When one dies, another takes his place. The latest in this extraordinary dynasty has been invited by the former Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Gordon Brown, to visit Britain. Who is this man and why is his visit a danger to the United Kingdom?”

The book consists of five chapters dealing with the Pope as a man; the Pope in relation to the UK constitution; the Pope as the head of a false religion; the Pope and his claim of infallibility; and the Pope and Scripture. An appendix contains RL Dabney on “The Attractions of Popery”.

The authors are: H Cartwright, J Macleod, D Somerset, M Vogan, R Middleton and A Ross. An extract from the introduction can be read here.

The book has 108 pages, costs £5, and is available from the Free Presbyterian Bookroom, 133 Woodland Road, Glasgow, G3 6LE, (0141) 332 1760.
(a discount is available for bulk orders)

Order online at www.fpbookroom.org