Annual General Meeting, 2017

The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held on Saturday 9th September at the Magdalen Chapel, Edinburgh, DV.  The AGM will be held at 12.30 pm, and will be followed by a Public Meeting at 1.45pm (to finish by 3pm).

The meeting will be addressed by Rev John Keddie (Kirkhill) on the subject, “Martin Luther and the Significance of the Ninety-Five Theses”.


500th Reformation Anniversary Meeting, October 2017

The 500th Reformation Anniversary Meeting of the Society will be held on Tuesday 10 October at the Crutherland House Hotel, Strathaven Road, near East Kilbride, Glasgow, G75 0QJ.
The speaker is Rev Dr Joel Beeke, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
The meeting will commence at 7pm, and will consist of two addresses by Dr Beeke.  The subjects are: “Ten Reasons Why the Reformation Is Still Important”, and “Reformed Piety: Covenantal and Experiential”.
All are welcome.


Day-Conference on the Articles of Perth of 1618, April 2018

The Society is organising a day-conference in Perth on Saturday 14th April 2018, DV, on the subject “The Articles of Perth of 1618”. The Articles of Perth were a major step in James VI’s project of trying to conform the Church of Scotland to Anglicanism, and the resistance to them culminated in the signing of the National Covenant of 1638.

The conference venue is St John’s Parish Church in Perth, which is where the General Assembly was held in August 1618 when it adopted the notorious Articles.

The conference will last from 11.15 am to 4 pm, and there will be four 45-minute talks on “The Background to the Articles of Perth (1618)”, “David Calderwood and the Articles of Perth”, “The Sufferings of those who faithfully resisted the Articles of Perth”, and “The Articles of Perth overturned in 1638”.


Local Branch Meetings

The following branch meetings have been arranged for the 2017-18 session.



Meetings are on Fridays at the Church Hall, Craigiebuckler Parish Church, Springfield Road, AB15 8AA, starting at 7.30 pm (DV).

27th October 2017, “The course of the Scottish Reformation prior to 1559”, Rev. Douglas Somerset (Aberdeen)

24th November 2017, “The Disruption of 1843 in Aberdeen”, Dr John Smith (Aberdeen)

30th March 2018, “A Christian Perspective on the First World War”, Rev. John Macleod (Portmahomack)

23rd February 2018, “Martin Luther and the Significance of the Ninety-Five Theses”, Rev John Keddie (Kirkhill)


Meetings are on Fridays in the Nicolson Institute, Stornoway at 7.30 pm (DV).

24th November 2017, “Women of the Scottish Reformation”, Rev. Malcolm Maclean (Inverness).

18th January 2018, “The Sufferings of those who faithfully resisted the Articles of Perth”, Mr Matthew Vogan


Meetings are on Mondays in the Free Presbyterian Church Hall, Chapel Street, Inverness, starting at 7.30 pm (DV).

16th October 2017, “Luther’s 95 Theses – 500th Anniversary, 1517-2017”, Dr N. Needham.

13th November, “John Welch of Ayr”, Rev K.D. MacLeod.

16th January 2018, “Katharina von Bora die Lutheran, Mrs Luther’s participation in the Reformation”, Prof John Macintosh.

12th February, “Common Grace”, Rev David Silversides.

12th March, “The Puritan View of the Moral Law”, Rev Maurice Roberts.