We were pleased to have Mr Charles Webster speak to us on the annual occasion when we join together at Dunnottar Castle. Firstly we were given a little background information. In the year 1685, 167 Covenanters (122 men and 45 women), chiefly from the south and west of Scotland, who been apprehended at different times during the reign of Charles II for attending religious services were transferred to Dunnottar Castle on the Sabbath Day, 24th May 1685. Because they refused to renounce their allegiance to the National Covenant of Scotland of 1638, they were confined until the end of July in the Whigs’ Vault, during which time some died and others, attempting to escape, were cruelly tortured. Some were later sold as slaves to the American colonies.

Mr Webster then gave a Gospel message based on a reading from Hebrews 1, declaring that God is the greatest and that none can compare with Him. There was One sacrifice, Jesus Christ, and it was He who made atonement, He who offered Himself, and He who Himself rose from the dead. Man was made in God’s image; that image was lost because of sin; and Jesus came to restore the relationship that was lost. We gather to worship; Our God is the Creator and the Redeemer, and it is our highest honour to worship Him. He is upholding all things by the Word of His power.

The Covenanters, in the same way, considered it a price worth paying to gather together to worship God. They met in the open and in secret, and it was worth enduring the suffering, and even death, for the sake of Jesus. Christ has many enemies, but they will have to bow the knee. He is exalted and His kingdom is coming. He is triumphant and is worthy of all praise.

We concluded our meeting with the singing of Psalm 72.

Pictures Below: Dunottar Castle, and Whigs’ Vault, Dunottar

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