The Society is organising a day-conference in Perth on Saturday 14th April 2018, DV, on the subject “The Articles of Perth of 1618”. The Articles of Perth were a major step in James VI’s project of trying to conform the Church of Scotland to Anglicanism, and the resistance to them culminated in the signing of the National Covenant of 1638.

The conference venue is St John’s Parish Church in Perth, which is where the General Assembly was held in August 1618 when it adopted the notorious Articles.

The conference will last from 11.15 am to 4 pm, and there will be four 45-minute talks on “The Background to the Articles of Perth (1618)”, “David Calderwood and the Articles of Perth”, “The Sufferings of those who faithfully resisted the Articles of Perth”, and “The Articles of Perth overturned in 1638”.