‘John Knox and the Destruction of the Perth Friaries in May 1559’
Douglas Somerset
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‘The Covenanters, Unity in Religion, and Uniformity of Church Government in the 1640s: Presbytery by Coercion or Co-operation?
Jeffrey Stephen


‘The Scots Church in Rotterdam – a Church for Seventeenth Century Migrants and Exiles. Part I’
Robert J. Dickie
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‘Alexander Shields, the Revolution Settlement and the Unity of the Visible Church. Part II’
Matthew Vogan
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‘The Attitude of James Begg and The Watchword Magazine to the 1872 Education Act’
Andrew R. Middleton


‘The Witness of the Kames Free Presbyterian Church, Argyllshire’
Norman Campbell


‘Movements in the Main-Line Presbyterian Churches in Scotland in the Twentieth Century’
John W. Keddie


‘The Sabbath Protest at Strome Ferry in 1883’
Norman Campbell