Contents of Vol.1:

Was Knox a Royal Chaplain?’ (reprinted from the Bulwark May 1924)
David Hay Fleming


‘Samuel Rutherford and the theology and practice of preaching’
Matthew Vogan


‘Thomas Boston and the Authorship of Queries to the Friendly-Adviser’
Douglas Somerset


‘Alexander Dyce Davidson (1807-72), Free Church minister in Aberdeen’
John A. Smith


‘Angus of the Hills (c.1809-c.1854)’
Douglas Somerset


‘Professor James MacGregor: Theological and Practical Writings 1868-1881’
John W. Keddie


‘David Hay Fleming (1849 – 1931), Scottish Church Historian and Antiquarian’
Roy Middleton


Giving out the line: a cross-Atlantic comparison of two Presbyterian Churches
Norman Campbell


Editor: Rev Dr Douglas Somerset
Editorial Board: Rev Dr Wayne Pearce, Rev John Keddie, Roy Middleton, Matthew