Following Martin Luther 2013 Tour

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A proposed tour of sites at the cradle of the Reformation  2-10 September 2013   This is a great opportunity to visit the major Reformation sites associated with Martin Luther and learn about the history of the early Reformation.   Dr Robert Dickie (Stornoway) led a highly appreciated tour of these sites in 2011 and has planned a further nine-day tour from 2nd to 10th September 2013.   The itinerary includes Worms cathedral and...

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The Abolition of Papal Authority in Scotland

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AUGUST IS THE month for the annual Edinburgh International Festival. Tourists from all parts of the world throng the narrow pavements of the Old Town. We made our way through the crowds on 24th August 2010 as as we headed for the historic Magdalen Chapel in the Cowgate, a street now more noted for its pubs and clubs than for its churches. It was in this Chapel, now owned by the Scottish Reformation Society, that some of the earliest General...

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Report of 2010 AGM and Conference

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On 9th October in Carrubbers Christian Mission, a few yards from John Knox House in Edinburgh’s High Street, the Scottish Reformation Society held its 2010 Annual General Meeting and Conference. The chairman, Rev Dr J Millar, welcomed the members and after introductory remarks invited the new Secretary, the Rev Douglas Somerset, to present the Annual Report. There were changes during the past year, with three new members being added to the...

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Pope Benedict XVI and the United Kingdom

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A new book on the Pope’s visit to the UK called “Pope Benedict XVI and the United Kingdom” has been published by Free Presbyterian Publications. “For well over a thousand years there has been a succession of men claiming an astonishing position for themselves, both in religion and in the affairs of nations. When one dies, another takes his place. The latest in this extraordinary dynasty has been invited by the former Prime Minister, the Rt Hon...

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